04 Business Space Leasing Tricks You Should Read And Avoid


Stepping into society, any trick you can meet. When renting business premises, the same goes for offices. From the rental step to the transfer step, there is a need for clear preparation. Just take care of the rent without thinking deeply. When you want to withdraw, you have nothing but empty hands. In more detail, here are my rather expensive experiences from real experience when renting business premises:

A few years ago, I was also looking for a business space to rent. Before signing a new contract, of course, I had to change the contract with the old owner. The landlady was quite sweet and enthusiastic. But enthusiasm did not mean that there were no shortcomings. Briefly list a few points for everyone’s attention.

Renting a business space premises on the landlord’s street: NO

Reason: They are happy, do not say anything. But what do you think about the days when they go in and out, talking on the phone as if they want to swear directly at customers. Not to mention many other bad habits. Basically the person is the host. If you want to be alone, don’t say anything.

Make a lock if the kitchen is connected to the owner’s house

Renting business premises has a lot of things you can’t anticipate. The human heart is unpredictable. Although it is a bit tight, but for my own sake, this is the right thing to do.

SPECIAL NOTE, it is necessary to specify the following details when signing a lease of premises or office space .

During the contract period, if Party B does not continue doing business and wants to transfer it to the new owner. Party A must help unconditionally for Party B to sign a new lease with the new owner that Party B will transfer (of course, Party B will have to spend 1-3 months to pay the contract fee as agreed. with the landlord in advance).

So what is the reason for this unconditional help?

Simply, they once have received your contract compensation. You get customers to transfer. At this time, they will demand more priority: You have to give me a few tens of millions more (and can also be up to hundreds depending on the space and investment costs) for me to sign a contract with a customer you want to come. If you don’t give money, I won’t sign!

4 chiêu trò cho thuê mặt bằng kinh doanh nên đọc và tránh
It is necessary to clarify the terms of the contract to avoid future inadequacies

If there is no signature of the owner, how can I transfer? The disadvantage is here. Not only did I lose money to pay for the contract, but I also had to pay extra for the landlord to sign a new contract. Therefore, you must always remember the above terms to avoid losing money unjustly when renting business premises.

When you invest well, the business starts fine, and the problem reappears

The business starts fine, when suddenly, there are thugs coming into the shop, threatening to destroy everything. And the reason is to demand payment of the landlord’s debt. You explained that this is your property, you paid for it to rent, not the landlord’s. Even the police could not help because they just threatened and didn’t do anything. But every day we see their faces at the bar. How can any guests dare to enter ?

Asked the landlord, the landlord gave the reason: my son cause a debt because of a mistake. Now I don’t have money to pay. You should pay for me to calm the waves, but I have no other choice.

And, if you don’t pay, you risk losing money because there are no customers. For peace of mind, you can only close your eyes and spend a large sum of money. This is just a scheme of the owner.

4 chiêu trò cho thuê mặt bằng kinh doanh nên đọc và tránh
Need to find a company to rent offices and business premises to avoid risks

One thing and another. I can’t stand it anymore and want to give in. At this point, back to the number 1 thing I noticed. They will play tricks to demand an additional amount called a new contract from their side. Then there’s the compensation, and soon they’re rich.

Choosing a reputable and quality company specializing in office and space leasing is optimal to avoid the above tricks.

The tricks you are likely to encounter in today’s society are countless. The above four things are just a small part from the experience I have accumulated.

If you are intending to do business. Restaurants, eateries, cafes..the models that need to focus on the ground are careful. The contract is notarized carefully, do not do the handwritten paper. Be more careful. Protect yourself against spooky tricks when renting business premises.