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CitySpace “One stop fit all” – Specializing in real estate leasing, buying and selling

CitySpace is a real estate service company with the slogan “One stop fit all”. With the motto of accompanying customers, businesses and investors to find the ideal place to stay, work, and profit from Real Estate. CitySpace offers the following services: Serviced apartment rentals, hotels, offices, real estate trading, real estate cash flow.

1. Why Should You Choose CitySpace Rental Services?

  • Serviced Apartment for Rent

Serviced apartments are rental apartments with services similar to hotels: cleaning, laundry… Convenience is the advantage that makes CHDV an ideal place for many customers.

The apartment system from CitySpace is spread throughout the districts in Ho Chi Minh City. With modern, luxurious design, standard service. CitySpace is honored to be trusted and chosen by many customers over the years.

  • Hotel Rentals

The hotel is the perfect stopover for business trips, tourism, the trend of traveling to sleep… The hotel system at CitySpace is fully equipped with amenities and beautiful location. Especially, there is a team of enthusiastic and attentive booking support staff.

  • Renting office

Offices play an important role for businesses. This is a place for people to work together, create profits, is the face of the business.

Acknowledge that need. CitySpace brings a system of comfortable offices for rent, beautiful locations, convenient for office workers. Just contact the hotline. CitySpace team will quickly support businesses to find suitable offices with business orientation and optimal costs.

  • The reason you should choose rental service at CitySpace

CitySpace is a reputable and experienced company

Entering the real estate market in 2010. Up to now, CitySpace has more than 10 years of experience, always closely following and understanding market trends.

At the same time, the company also focuses on launching and developing the website. The images and information about products for rent and sale are always updated continuously, with staff taking guests to see the room directly. Thereby responding and quickly solving the needs of customers to find accommodation

A system of quality apartments, hotels, and offices, covering all over Ho Chi Minh City

CitySpace has been cooperating with many investors. The system of apartments and offices is constantly expanding. Our mission is to provide the most convenient and time-optimized accommodation and workplace solutions for customers and businesses.

2. Buying and Selling Real Estate with CitySpace – Prestige, quality, legal authentication

  • Buying and Selling Apartments

Are you looking for a reputable company to buy and sell apartments? Are you looking for an apartment that meets the needs of you and your family? CitySpace constantly updates the apartments that are open for sale in all areas of Ho Chi Minh City right at the website.

The information you need to know about: overview image, surrounding utilities, area, facilities, price, legal..we are fully updated for you to quickly filter out apartments. match your requirements. The staff is always ready to advise and accompany you to market the projects you are interested in as well as work with the landlord.

  • Land Purchase and Sale

The Real Estate market has not stopped heating up in recent years. Beautiful plots of land, good profitability are interested by many customers. Understanding this trend, CitySpace is constantly seeking and cooperating with many investors to bring opportunities to settle down and increase profits to customers. Information about beautiful plots is always updated regularly. Right at Website/page CitySpace

  • Buying and Selling Townhouses

Townhouses offer many opportunities to make money when they have an expensive frontage location. Townhouses opened for sale on the CitySpace website all have beautiful locations, clear ownership, and clear legal status.

Steadfast Faith – Building Value. With a quality service and experienced staff, CitySpace is proud to be trusted and chosen by many customers. Being a long-term partner of many businesses and investors. Are you in need of Real Estate services? Contact CitySpace now!